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  • Security

    Insert an AirTag type tracker/GPS (or other) to obtain the location of your child or a loved one if their phone is no longer functional.

  • Comfort

    Premium quality insoles, comfortable to wear all day long. No discomfort caused by the tracker over time.

  • Innovation

    Insoles designed to be able to insert a tracker / GPS in the lower part. Discretion assured, impossible to see it unless you take the sole of the shoe out.

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What is SafeSOLE?

These are insoles designed and designed specifically to allow an AirTag or other type tracker/GPS to be inserted inside.

What purpose ?

Being able to obtain the location of your children or loved ones if the phone is no longer in good condition or in your possession. In the event of an attack, the telephone is often what is seized from the start by malicious individuals because everyone knows that it allows location tracking. With our insoles you will have another means of location when needed and no one can know that a tracker is hiding in our insoles. To do this, you have to remove them from the shoes, which is already more complex and less natural than grabbing the phone.

For who ?

Our insoles are particularly useful for your children regardless of age and generally for your loved ones.

  • Children and adolescents
  • Women
  • Individual outdoor sporting activities (market, cycling, running, hiking, etc.)
  • Anyone who often travels alone


2 models to choose from:

  • Access for everyone
  • Bonus for the most demanding

Comfort and safety:

  • Quality material
  • All-day comfort
  • Orthopedic aim for the Prime model

Dimensions of the tracker / GPS location of your choice:

  • Access model: diameter 36mm x 8mm depth
  • Prime model: 32mm diameter x 9mm depth
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