The SafeSOLE team

Meet the SafeSOLE Innovative Team

A Dynamic Trio Conquering Safety and Comfort

SafeSOLE is the result of the passionate collaboration of three French entrepreneurs: Alexis, Agathe and Dimitri. Since summer 2023, this dynamic trio has joined forces and skills to create a range of innovative soles, combining safety and comfort.

Challenges Faced

Industrialization was not an easy path, but thanks to their perseverance, the team managed to develop several prototypes, finally selecting two models after rigorous testing. Walking daily with their creations, Alexis, Agathe and Dimitri are constantly looking for improvements, because their objective is clear: to offer increasingly qualitative soles.

SafeSOLE: A Brand Born from Passion and Innovation

At SafeSOLE, we believe in the importance of safety and comfort in everyday life. Our team, with its unique blend of skills and passion for innovation, is dedicated to bringing you life-changing products. Join us on this adventure and discover how our insoles can transform your daily life.

Alexis: The Versatile Visionary

Alexis, already an entrepreneur in the continuing education sectors for health and medico-social establishments as well as in real estate, brings his expertise in IT and product design to SafeSOLE. Its role is crucial in the development of sole models and in the overall technical support of the project.

Agathe: The Creative and Strategic Communicator

Agathe, a second year dental student in a European Union country, is the voice of SafeSOLE. Managing communication on social networks, she plays an essential role in connecting the brand with its community, passionately sharing SafeSOLE's values ​​and innovations.

Dimitri: The Architect of Strategy and Logistics

Dimitri, also an entrepreneur in various sectors, is the financial, logistical and strategic pillar of SafeSOLE. His vision and expertise drive the company's growth, ensuring effective management and solid strategic direction.

A Common Adventure, Shared Values

Together, Alexis, Agathe and Dimitri share a common vision: to offer high-quality products that improve the safety and comfort of their users. Involved in every step, from the creation of handmade prototypes to the search for industrialization solutions, their commitment is total. The 3D design, the choice of materials, the creation of molds, every detail is scrupulously studied to guarantee excellence.